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Unfiltered | October 26, 2015

(It’s my first day on the job, so I really don’t know my way around the store yet)

Me: Can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I’m looking for this kind of vacuum bags. *hold up wrapper* I bought them here last month.

Me: Sure thing. The vacuums are over in this corner, so let’s go take a look.

Me: Hm, we don’t seem to have any vacuum bags here. But I could probably order them online and have them shipped to the store, if you’d like.

Customer: Okay.

(I go to the website. We don’t seem to sell vacuum bags at all.)

Me: I’m sorry, I’m having trouble locating them. Let me get a lead expert who might know our stock better.

Customer: (huffs) Fine.

Lead: We’ve historically never sold many vacuum bags.

Customer: No! That’s impossible! I bought these here last month! You had them right over by the automotive section!

Lead: We’ve never had an automotive section either.

Customer: I bought these right here last month! You can’t tell me you don’t sell them!

Lead: I’m sorry, but we simply don’t. I bet Sears would have them, though.

Customer: What do you mean? Isn’t this Sears?

Lead: No m’am. This is JCPenney.

Customer: Oh. I thought it was Sears. I bought these at Sears. You all have a nice day!

(We are surrounded by the JCPenney logo. My nametag reads ‘jcpenney’ in place of a name because I’m so new. I had offered to order the bags from ‘jcpenney dot com’.)