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Unfiltered | June 8, 2017

My manager is always big noting himself, how he knows everything and nothing gets by him, that his attention to detail is immaculate. I am the one who always has to fix his mistakes. He puts in a new register.

Manager “I don’t know what’s wrong, I can’t get the monitor to work. I’ll go and see if we have another”

I walk up, run my finger under edge of the monitor frame to locate the on button and press it.

Me “It’s on now”

Manager “Oh it must have just had a delay”

Me “No I turned it on by pressing the power button, I’ll show you were it is.”

He ignores me, but gives me a lecture how even though we don’t need this register all of the time it must be turned on twice a week on specific days. I usually am the one to turn on and off the register on most of those days. One day he decides to shut the register down early and does it himself. At closing I go to help with the remaining registers and as I walk past the first one I notice the monitor is still turned on so I turn it off.

Manager “How did you do that?”

Me “I pressed the power button”

Manager “There’s a power button?”

Me “How do you turn it on on (day I’m not there)?

Manager “I just thought it came on automatically, I’d give (Name) the money to put in because it would take so long to start up”

Me “Oh so (Name) would turn it on then”

Manager “Really? Oh she must have”.

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