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Unfiltered | June 7, 2017

Flight woes on airlines in the US

This happened some years while America West airline still existed and I was on a business trip to the US – this part of the trip was Phoenix to Minneapolis. The flight attendant comes round with the trolley.

“Dja wanna drink?”

“If you please, may I have a Club Soda”

“Wadja mean, ‘if you please’? Are trying to p*ss me off?”

At the end of that trip, I’m again on America West, this time on a flight from San Diego to Phoenix and Phoenix to London on an advertised connection to British Airways. The flight from San Diego is running late. The lady announces “Come to the desk for arranging your connections”

So I stand in line and eventually get to the front.

“What is your final destination tonight sir?” she asks.

“London Heathrow”

Her immediate response – out loud! – was “Oh f**k!”

Got to Phoenix very late and it is a very long way from one end of the terminal to other, so there is an electric buggy waiting for the two of us connecting to the B A flight. When it got to a slope, we had to get off and push………

Got to the gate (B25) for the London flight on British Airways 10 minutes after scheduled departure time, and checked in with them. “Ah, glad you’ve made it Mr (my name). Your bags have come across and been loaded and you have been upgraded. Have a good flight, sir!”

I was expecting that I’d be in a hotel and on the flight the next night!

Maybe gives an insight as to why America West don’t exist any more!