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Unfiltered | June 3, 2017

(I’ve ordered a sandwich and am now choosing vegetables to put on it.)

ME: I’d like spinach…

SANDWICH ARTIST: *puts on spinach*

ME: cucumber…

SA: *puts on green pepper*

(I figure she misheard me but don’t say anything as I was planning on putting green pepper on it, anyway.)

ME: *a bit louder* cucumber…

SA: *puts on cucumber*

ME: *maintaining the same volume* tomato…

SA: *puts on mayonnaise*

ME: Wait, what? *laugh* I said tomato!

SA: *smiling sheepishly* Oh, you didn’t want mayonnaise?

ME: *still laughing* No, I wanted tomato!

(She scraped all the mayonnaise off and gave me an extra slice of cheese for the trouble and the rest of the sandwich building went off without a hitch so it was all good.)

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