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I was working the audit shift and it was about 4 am when a couple walked in. I knew I wasn’t waiting on anyone so I assumed it was a walk in.

Guest: I have a reservation for [name]

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t have any other reservations to be checked in tonight.

Guest: I have the confirmation printed out right here.

Me: This is us! (I thought maybe she booked at the other hotel as a lot of people get us confused) I can’t seem to find the confirmation number on this sheet and I can’t find a reservation past or future under your name.
I continued to look at the sheet noticing that it was just a screen grab of the page where you make the reservation and I put the pieces together.

Me: I’m sorry but it says up at the top of this sheet that your reservation could not be completed.

Guest: No, I made the reservation with my points and I have the jacuzzi reserved for tonight!! See, it says “confirm reservation”!

Me: Did you click the confirm reservation button?


Me: It looks to me as if the reservation wasn’t made so you will have to call central reservations to make this reservation using your points as I cannot do this on my end.

She gets frustrated and yells at her husband to get her phone out of the car. She stares at me.

Guest: What is the number? (I give her the number) WELL CAN I USE YOUR PHONE!?

She gets through to central.

Guest: I made a reservation at [hotel] for tonight with the jacuzzi suite and she says she doesn’t have it…. YES I DID I KNOW I MADE IT….. ok I want to use my points…

Soon the reservation comes through and I was able to get her into the room type she “booked”. I know that she didn’t confirm the reservation and it wasn’t made and she just didn’t understand that it was her error, not mine… I mean the proof was on the paper! I even checked her point balance and she even said there were no points redeemed!

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