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Unfiltered | April 12, 2017

My brother decided to try a new mobile phone operator that’s been getting good hype in town, and ordered a SIM card from them online. Though the company claims the SIM cards are delivered within seven business day, they usually arrive within two days, three days tops, as they ship them via a well-known courier delivery service company, so when three business days went by and no chip, my brother decided to find out if anythign was amiss. First he talked with the mobile company, who gave him the shipment’s tracking number. Next he used said number on the courier service’s website, and there he found out the company was unable to deliver the package the previous day because “nobody answered at the destination” and had sent it back to their main offices, to be sent back to the mobile company if nobody went there to claim it for another seven days. Since my brother had been home all previous day, and so had his wife and kids, he was pretty miffed about this obvious delivery error, and had no choice but to go to the offices, tracking number in hand, to claim the package.

And good thing he did it right away: though the website said he had seven days before the card was sent back, when he got there his package had just been loaded into a truck to return it. Not only that, but the service personnel claimed since it was already on the truck it couldn’t be unloaded so he was out of luck. My brother of course wouldn’t have any of that, and insisted he be given his package, having ample proof that it was his and he was on time to pick it up, but the personnel still refused and got increasingly surly and aggresive. Eventually a manager arrived and ordered my brother be given his package, and then came the clincher: written on the package as the reason for non-delivery was that the person at the address refused the package, claiming he hadn’t ordered anything; obviously, the delivery person, in spite of my brother’s address being completely correct on the shipping label, tried to deliver it to the wrong house.

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