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I work in a real estate office that has allowed an AARP group to give a presentation in our office. Our actual office has nothing to do with this presentation.

Woman: (entering the office) Hi, I was looking for the AARP group?

Me: Oh I’m sorry, the presentation is tomorrow night, but if you’re with the staff then they actually left an hour ago.

Woman: No, they’re still here, they told me to meet them here at 5.

Me: Well, I can assure you they left an hour ago, I’ve been here since 3.

Woman: No, they’re probably downstairs or something. (goes to leave to downstairs)

Me: Miss, I’m sorry, as there’s no one back there you’re actually not allowed there right now.

Woman: But the staff is there.

Me: I can assure you they’re not. I watched them all leave at around 4.

Woman: I think they must still be here.

Me: I…really don’t know how to tell you this, but…they’re not.

(She proceeds to shake her head, sit down in the lobby and waited for an hour for them even though I kept telling her they left and were not coming back!)

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