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Unfiltered | December 28, 2016

(It is early December, and my store is crazy busy preparing for the Boxing Day sale. I catch some kind of vomiting bug on my day off, and can’t even keep water down without puking it back up again. Even without drinking anything, I am vomiting ever hour on the dot until my insides are completely empty and dehydrated. Needless to say, by the time my next shift comes around I’m in no condition to be on my feet for eight hours. I call in sick.)

Me: “I’m really sorry, [Store Manager], but I can’t make it today.”

(She immediately interrupts me before I can continue.)

Store Manager: *angrily* “[My name], it’s *Christmas*!”

Me: *hoarsely, as I haven’t drank anything in two days* “I’m vomiting at least once every two hours. I don’t have the strength to stand, and I might give the bug to other people. I’m really sorry, but I’ll try and make it in by the end of the week.”

Store Manager: *huffs aggressively* “Fine.” *Click*

(She is the monstrous manager who gives zero respect to employees.)