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Unfiltered | December 27, 2016

One night, during a holiday season, I was working cashier. At this chain, customers are enlisted in a mailing list that summarizes pretty much all of what they buy from the label. Anyways, when checking out people, it’s easiest to take their driver’s license to put their information into the computer. This lady I was helping had bought Christmas presents, so she had several items. I’d checked and bagged them all, and all she had to do was pay. She had this bulky wallet thing in her hands, and it had this little pill-looking case attached to it. I noticed her nonchalantly maneuver the lid loose, but didn’t open it. I asked for her ID, and she willingly held it out to me on a flat palm. I watched as she tilted her hand until the card fell to the ground. I didn’t know if it was an accident or not, but at that point I didn’t care. I just stated that I would get it, and she giggled. Evidently I was much faster than she anticipated, because when I stood back up, I caught her snorting a shot of cocaine from the tiny box on her wallet.

I’m never working retail again. Ever.