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Unfiltered | June 15, 2017

(I audition for the school musical and get a lead part. During rehersals, it becomes apparent that the director does not know my name, despite her personally being present for my initial audition.)

Director: “Alright, let’s go over this part again. Let’s start with… um…”

Me: “[My Name].”

Director: “[My Name]! Sorry!”

(This goes on for MONTHS, with her never making a real effort to learn to my name. One day, after a particularly bad day at school…”

Director: “Okay, let’s do this again. You, you there, um…”

Me: “GODDAMNIT!” *Slams down music* “I am SICK of this! I am your LEAD PART! I have dealt with this nearly everyday for THREE MONTHS! Please, just TRY to learn my name! It’s [My Name]! [My Name]! [My Name]!”

Director: *jaw-drop*

(I later apologized, but she insisted that I was correct in my anger. She never forgot my name after that.)

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