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So I work for a mobile phone company and I am account security trained which means I can help customers reset their passwords.

So I got a call from a lady who said that she had received an email from us informing her that “her account was not secure”.

So she followed the link in the email and it said that she must sign into her account, she did, then it asked for bank card details.

At this point she realised that this did not look legitimate.

So I asked her “so you havent done anythign else?”, she responded with, “oh no, I didn’t put my card details in, I put in my husbands instead because last week my bank account was hacked and I lost a lot of money”.

So at this point I was speachless!

I told her that she needed to contact her bank and get her husbands card blocked.
Then to make account secure I advised that we should reset her password. So as I was doing this I had to ask her for her home contact number, “So what’s your house number”, she responded “5”

I replied “Emmm your house number?” “Yes 5”

“no no no your house land line” “yes 5!”

“This is your telephone number?”.

“Ohhhhhh *number*”.

So we got her password reset and as I was wrapping the call up she said “did you knwo that if the padlock isnt in the left hand corner of the website it’s not secure”…

So I asked “was it in the website through the link on that email?”, “No it wasn’t”.

This made my day because of her pure stupidity