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Unfiltered | October 22, 2016

I was in a creative media class with a very interesting group of people. One of these people was very knowledgeable about his movie but this story will focus on one of his less-than-graceful tastes.

Batman V Superman came out a while before and we all know how people reacted to it. This person had the opposite reaction and actually defended the film. He was VERY vocal with his defense, rebuking points such as the “Martha” coincidence and Wonder Woman.

It got to the point where our teacher, a nice young lady not much older than us, decided to have a go at him, going on a rant for the ages about the films flaws such as the numerous close-ups (represented hilariously by her “zooming” into the students face with a dual hand gesture) and the nonsense story, you could have mistaken her for a theatrical performer.

He eventually shut his trap even if he did defend the film a few more times on social media. The irony of the “s*** taste” situation being that he produced some of the best work in the class where everybody loved what he made. Does he see something that we and the teacher don’t?