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Unfiltered | October 21, 2016

(So I work at a golf club bar, but we often hire out half or the whole bar area for private functions. This particular occasion we have hired out half of the room for a Christening function, there are at least 40 of them. But the other half is still open for normal lunch and drinks services. My coworker notices a regular who is usually a pain coming in.)

( My Coworker takes his order as normal)

(His food then arrives in a timely manner, by this time the public half of the bar has become really full)

Customer: There are no seats here, I demand you go get me one from the other side

Coworker: I’m sorry, they have booked this function months in advance so they deserve all of the seats they paid for as they booked for a certain number of seats

Customer: This is outrageous I demand a full refund

Coworker: I can’t give you one sir because you ordered your food, it came but it is not our fault that you didn’t find a seat beforehand

Customer: I demand to see your manager

(Our manager comes in, using a stern tone she explains slowly why we can’t fulfill his requests, the customer then eats his food quietly never to be seen again)