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Unfiltered | December 6, 2015

(In my theater class, Classmate #1 is known for acting out other people’s days. Today, Classmate #2 is absent, who is also Classmate #1’s sister.)

Classmate #1: “… [Classmate #2] got angry when our mom wouldn’t help her with her homework!”

Teacher: “Whoa, really?”

Classmate #1: “Totally! She was like, ‘Okay, fine, I don’t need you to help me with my homework! Hmph!’ Then she started reading her science book and was like, ‘Did you know that the amount of electrons in an atom is the same as the amount of protons? Surprising! Did you know that you can find the amount of neutrons in an atom by subtracting the atomic number from the atomic mass? Unbelievable! Did you know that the chemical formula for potassium is K? I had no-‘”

Me: “I thought it was the chemical symbol?”

Classmate #1: “Your point?”

Me: “Uhh, you’re wrong? I guess?”

Classmate #1: “How am I wrong?”

Me: (abruptly changing the subject) “Hey, maybe we should get this extraordinary performance advertised.”

(Class bursts into laughter.)

Me: “What? I just want to like it on Instragram…”

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