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Unfiltered | December 5, 2015

This is a story about a group of inconsiderate customers. I went to a restaurant with my family. Together, we were a party of 10; knowing that it can be hard to seat 10 people at once, we called ahead and reserved a table almost three hours in advance. We arrived more than half an hour early, hoping that maybe our table would be ready early. Instead, we found that the table for parties of 10 were already occupied… By a group of people who had arrived more than three hours ago and were still sitting and talking. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they’d already paid almost an hour before we even showed up. And they showed no signs of moving. The management policy meant that the staff couldn’t kick them out or even ask them politely to leave, so we waited there for almost an hour, growing increasingly hungry and impatient. Finally, 20 minutes after the time of our reservation, the inconsiderate party left, and we were seated ten minutes later, half an hour after our reservation time.

People, if you go to a restaurant, eat your food, pay , and leave. Other people want to eat, the restaurant loses money if you’re just sitting there without ordering anything more, and overall it’s really rude and inconsiderate to just sit there talking.

On another note, the staff was very nice and the service was good. I’m just sorry they had to deal with those customers without the power to make them leave.

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