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Unfiltered | October 10, 2015

(I just finished my work, so I take my laptop out and start to read some fanfiction online. The teacher is out of the room. Note: It’s a very Catholic school.)

Me: *is reading*

Classmate: *reading over my shoulder*

Me: *doesn’t notice*

Classmate: *suddenly snatches my laptop*

Me: Dude! What the h***?!

Classmate: You shouldn’t be reading that!

Me: [Classmate], you have no right to tell me what I can read.

(By now, everybody is looking.)

Classmate: *starts reading out extremely smutty portion of story*

Me: Give it back!

(I grab my computer back.)

Classmate: [My Name], that’s disgusting. You shouldn’t be getting off to this. And in the middle of class, too! You don’t deserve to be here.

Me: OK, first of all, my fetish, if anything, is none of your business. Second of all, I WROTE THIS. I was making sure there was nothing wrong with it, you t***!

(The teacher came back in soon after, but surprisingly, [Classmate] didn’t say a word.)