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Unfiltered | October 11, 2015

(I’m on a bus trip around parts of South Australia’s wine region with 22 other young adults from my church from around Australia, only 6 of whom I know from Western Australia, others are from Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland and South Australia. It’s our first night and we jump on our tour bus to go to dinner and I sit next to a young woman from Melbourne and we start chatting)

New friend: “Hey I’m *name*. I’m from Melbourne, where are you from?”

Me: “I’m *name*, I’m from Perth. I love Melbourne especially the Dandenong Ranges where my Aunty *name* lives, my Uncle *name* lives somewhere there too.”

(She gives me a quizzical look)

New Friend: “What’s your uncles last name?”

Me: “*name* why?”

(She starts laughing)

New Friend: “Hello cousin”

Me: “Wait, what? Are you serious?”

New Friend: “Yep, your uncle’s wife *name* is my aunt”

Me: “Holy crap, that’s so cool”

(We all had a great time on the trip and thanks to facebook my cousin are able to keep in touch. Gotta love random family encounters)