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Unfiltered | June 13, 2017

I’m driving my friend to work. He’s a massive Evanescence fan. My iPod is on shuffle and it moves to a song that sounds similar to Evanescence. He turns the volume up.

Friend: A new song?! How did I not know?

I decide not to spoil it for him. It reaches rhe chorus.

Friend: That’s awful! What has she done to her voice? She doesn’t even sound like herself anymore.

Me: *sniggering*

Friend: What?

Me: It isn’t them.

Friend: *huffs* I know I couldn’t miss a new song! Well whoever they are they’re trying to copy her.

Me: Ben Moody is in the band.

Friend: HA! Like an Evanescence reject pile.

Me: Pretty much.

I tell him the name and he searchs for it on his phone. He spends the rest of the trip, along with his shift from what I hear, laughing about it.

The band is called We Are The Fallen.

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