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NY | Unfiltered | June 2, 2017

(I am deaf and sitting with my friends who know sign language. One of the boys in my grade, who is not the smartest, comes over to our table)

Boy:*To me*”Hey, wanna hang out sometime?”

(Since I’m deaf, and he’s not using sign language, I ignore him.)

Boy:”We can go to the movies or something?”

(I continue to ignore him, and he gets angrier each time I don’t answer him)

Boy:” ANSWER ME, D*** IT!”

Friend: “She’s deaf, idiot”

(The boy freezes, then stomps away. I laughed when my friend told me. If the fact we were talking in sign language wasn’t a tip off before, how about the fact I have service dog for it)

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  • son of kinth

    cue old joke about 2 brains and only enough blood for one of them at a time.

  • EffityJeffity

    Poor guy. You know it takes a lot of courage to actually ask someone out, he was probably so nervous he just completely forgot. Your laughter probably killed him a little bit inside.

    • Rachel Green

      I think she laughed afterwards when her friends were telling her the story.. so they probably werent near him at the time

  • Souless night

    So rather than pointing it out right away they wait till he sounds like an ass… and don’t bother telling you someone asked you out till after… what great friends…

    • Lorraine ER

      He made an ass out of himself all on his own.

  • Ryan

    I take it you’re submitting this for the notalwaysfriendly section of the site give your friends, and your, reaction? Sign language or not, service dog or not, you cannot always expect someone to know that you’re deaf. Some people (especially in schools) use sign language to talk without others knowing what they’re saying, and having a service dog could be for a variety of reasons. Your friends not letting him know that you’re deaf, and you laughing at someone who asked you out is a rather dick move. Seems to me that he would be better off tbh.

    • Lorraine ER

      The kid sounds like a jerk anyway- continuing to badger her, getting increasingly louder and then demanding an answer is a really rude way to behave period and if you’re asking someone out at the time, well be prepared to not get what you want.

      • Ryan

        If other ever asked anyone out you’d know how nerve-wracking it can be. When they don’t even look as though they’ve heard you, you repeat the question louder slightly thinking it’s you. I’m sure his nerves just got the best of him and he demanded an answer. But, neither of us have any background on the guy, we’re both assuming what kind of guy he is

  • I am Jenn

    I REALLY hope when the OP says “Since I’m deaf, and he’s not using sign language, I ignore him.” she means “I didn’t notice him speaking to me, since I’m deaf and he’s not using Sign Language, so I inadvertently ignored him” NOT “He refused to use my preferred method of communication, so I snubbed him,” which I fear is actually the case.

    • Creativerus

      Yeah I was thinking the same. It reads like OP ignored him on purpose. And even *if* OP just didn’t notice him, her friend did and could have told she’s deaf right this instant or tell her “there is a guy talking to you”. The guy got rude – because you choose to treat him like air.

  • Kitty

    You might be deaf, but he’s obviously blind.

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