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This is a story my father was telling us over dinner.

dad: “there was a woman today thay went to [sunglass kiosk] thinking it was customer service (our mall had gotten rid of customer service several years ago) and thought she had recognised a woman thay was working there. So she called some other womans name and the employee wouldn’t turn around, because why would she answer to a call that wasn’t her own name? So the employee finally acknowledged the woman and said “I don’t know who [name woman was yelling] is but I can help you find her.” The woman got mad at the employee for not answering and went to my office (my father is the manager of the entire mall, making his work very stressful and busy) and complained about the employee and how she wouldn’t acknowledge the woman. i asked her if she wanted me ti do anything about it and she said “i don’t know…something!” Once the woman had gone I turned to [co-worker] and said “did she really have to come all the way down her just to complain?”

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