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*growing up, I’ve had 6 best friends. One of them, however, has been quite sickly lately, but she insisted she was fine. One day we get a text. She had leukaemia and wanted us to see her at the hospital for our final goodbyes. When it’s my turn, the two of us are reminiscing, when my phone goes off, signalling that I have a text. It’s my super clingy boyfriend. After explaining to my friend, she tells me to respond otherwise we’ll never get any peace, and if I turn off my phone, he’d camp out my house, this is what happens:*

Boyfriend: where are you?

Me: I’m at the hospital.

Boyfriend: what’s wrong??

Me: it’s *friend* turns out she has cancer… I’m going to be away for a bit. Talk to you later.

*i hang up my phone! and the two of us go back to talking. After a bit, where she gives me her favourite lamp as a goodbye token, and we’re both crying, my phone goes off again*

Boyfriend: time to go home now!

*my friend and I we’re shocked that he would have the GALL to do this, so, in a rage, I turn off my phone. Once the two of us have visited, and I let her know I love her, I head home. Sure enough, there he is on my doorstep*

Boyfriend: finally you come home! Why didn’t you go home when I said so?

Me: because my best friend is dying and it may be the last time I see her!

Boyfriend: well you are going to have to make it up to me

Me: excuse me?

Boyfriend: well yeah! It’s only fair. You we’re with your friends and didn’t tell me, and you didn’t go home when I asked, it’s only fair that for the next week, you don’t hang out with them.

Me: but… *friend*

Boyfriend: she’s gonna die. No amount of visits is going to change that.

*in a rage, I yell at him for being so heartless and we break up. On the plus side, my friend managed to recover, and she’s never been better*

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