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Unfiltered | December 5, 2016

(In Canada, we got rid of our pennies over a year ago and cash sales round to the nearest 5 or 10. I no longer accept pennies from customers because it’s a lot of extra work later on. However, we still quote prices to customers exactly because card payments don’t round. Most customers who pay cash automatically round if they are paying exact change. A customer approaches my drive-thru window with a total of $20.14 and hands me exact change including four pennies.)

Me: Oh, sorry, we no longer accept pennies.

Customer: *rudely* 14 cents is what you said; 14 cents is what you get.

Me: Well, I’m sorry, but I cannot accept these, your total will round to 15 cents.

He begrudgingly hands me a nickel and I hand his pennies back to him. As I turn away to put the cash in the drawer, I hear a sound of metal striking concrete. After he drives away I look out the window and sure enough, he had thrown his four pennies against our building. I shook my head at his immaturity and went back to work.