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I’m hanging out in the hallway with my friends during lunch hour. While my friends are engaged in a conversation, I don’t find the topic interesting so I let my attention wander. I notice a group of students that are in the class for “difficult” students – ones who can’t be in normal classes because they disturb the lessons and pick fights with teachers and so on. They are gathered around a girl I don’t know. They aren’t being loud enough to bother my friends, but loud enough for me to hear. For the record, every person I mention in the story is female, including me.

Bully #1: “So you’ve been skipping class. Going to see a doctor. Are you pregnant?”

Bully #2: “Yeah, are you pregnant or something?”

Bully #3: “How did you get pregnant? Who’s the baby daddy?”

The girl isn’t answering them and looks like she’s really upset. I notice myself freezing. I can’t do anything but observe while the mean girls keep bullying the poor lone girl. Finally one of my friends turns to look at me.

Me: *in a low, panic-ky voice* “That’s not right… They can’t do that. It’s not okay.”

My Friend: *follows my gaze and takes in the situation, then walks over to the group* “Hey! You stop that! You have no reason to talk to her like that! Let her be.”

Bully #1: “Who are you? Why are you butting in? It’s none of your business.”

Me Friend: “It’s doesn’t matter. I want you to leave that girl alone.”

At this point, two girls I know walk down the stairs and join my friend in defending the lone girl. They manage to talk the bullies to go away. After the exhange, my friend is shaking.

Me: “…thank you. I’m sorry. You were awesome.”

My Friend: “…I felt like I was your dog that you sicced on the girls…”

And that’s the story of me being a wuss, my friend being awesome and the rest of my friend being fairly oblivious to their surroundings – they never even noticed that anything was happening.

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