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Unfiltered | May 30, 2016

(Customer calling in to the bakery who has not identified herself. She was interested in rugalach, a type of pastry.)

Me: Thank you for calling xxxxx! How can I help you?

Customer: Do you have any rugalach today?

Me: Yes we do.

Customer: Can you put aside a pound of rugalach for me and I’ll come and pick it up?

Me: Sure. But just so you are aware, we close at 2pm today.

Customer: Oh, I can’t get there by 2pm. xxxxxx [the party goods store next door] is open later. Could you leave it there for me and I’ll come pick it up from them later?

Me: I’m afraid I can’t really do that.

Customer: Why not?

Me: Because you have to pay for it first.

Customer: [Confused and angry] No, you can just put it on my tab!

Me: And who are you?

Customer: [Indignantly] I’m xxxxxx xxxxxx! Just put it on my tab!

Me: Ok, we’ll do that. I will put together a pound of the cinnamon rugalach….

Customer: What?! I don’t want the cinnamon! I want the chocolate!

Me: I’m sorry, but we don’t have any of the chocolate left.

Customer: [Hangs up]