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Princeton, NJ | Unfiltered | May 13, 2017

I live in New York City but I visit my parents often in New Jersey. When I return home on Sunday evenings I like to grab takeout from an Asian-style restaurant near the train station. I usually call in my order and pick it up on my way to the train. One night I call and it takes ages for someone to answer and when she does, she immediately puts me on hold. When she finally picks it back up to take my order, I can tell that despite how chipper she’s being, it’s been a long and busy night for her. Sure enough, when I pick up my food, I can see how tired and overwhelmed she is. However, she remains friendly and nice to every single customer.

Cashier: Hi there sweetie, what can I do for you tonight?

Me: Just picking up. The name is (my name)

Cashier: Yep, have it right here for you. Your total is $12.57.

(I hand her a $20 bill)

Cashier: And here’s your change.

Me: Can you take tips?

Cashier: Yes, we can.

Me (handing her back all the change she just gave me): Here you go.

Cashier (with a startled look on her face): Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I’ve been here before and you’re always nice and friendly despite how busy it can get. You earned it.

Cashier: Thank-you, thank-you!

Her smile made my night. I’ve seen here a few times since and she’s always super nice to everyone!

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