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Unfiltered | February 12, 2017

Feel good story that needs some context. I am a student living off campus for the past couple of years. I had lived comfortably until this last year when I had to start paying for health insurance and cell bills, things normally shared by my family. I became a delivery driver, but at one point I had a late bill that I needed to invest my tips into. This was difficult, because everyone was spending money on Xmas gifts and not tips to drivers making less than minimum wage. Finally, after a hard couple of weeks and a plasma donation, I had enough to make the payment with about $30 left in my bank. Then my school comp needed to be fixed. It’s an easy thing to do, but I had stripped the screw to open it and spent a day making it worse. Finally I went to a comp tech, hoping for a replacement screw and a solution to fix my rattling hard drive. I fully expected to have to pay for a service charge and possibly specialized parts.

Me: hi this is a little embarrassing, but I stripped this and I need to get in this to fix a problem.

Tech: I don’t know if I have the tools, but let me check.

He leaves with the laptop. I have no idea what he did, but he comes back in about two minutes, removed the screw and even replaced it.

Tech: Anything else you need?

Me: wow that was quick. Maybe you can help with my hard drive?

We open it up and we discover the problem was a broken piece of plastic that no longer prevented the hard drive from shifting.

Tech: It’s a one-piece plastic part so the best I can suggest is jury-rigging it with electrical tape.

Me: (adding bills in my head, sighing) I don’t suppose you have that here?

Tech: One sec.

He leaves and comes back with a roll of electrical tape. He applies it, letting me know it’s heat resistant, even though it was highly unlikely to apply to this problem.

Me: Thank you so much. What do I owe?

Tech: These were simple issues, no charge.

Me: Thank you!

I got his name and went looking for the manager to tell him about my tech. He said this is normal from this tech, but he would report my compliments. It may not seem like a big thing, but after my stressful month, the speed, effiencey, and friendliness of this tech was what I needed!

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