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Unfiltered | February 11, 2017

I was learning some vocational skills through the US Department of Labor’s “Job Corps” program. My campus offered Driver’s Ed class, including the actual road test and getting a license in the city nearby.

My instructor often cursed, but I never said anything about it. I am a Christian, and one day during road practice I happened to wear a WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelet that a friend had given me. Instead of swearing, my instructor turned into The Lone Ranger. He’d slap my leg and say, “Hi-yo, Silver!”

When I completed my program, I was waiting to enter the gym for the graduation ceremony when I saw him walk by. I handed him a funny key chain – something about driving on the sidewalk – I bought as a little gift for helping me get my license. He gave me a big hug and looked like he was going to cry. I guess it was rare for a student to show him appreciation for his job as a driving instructor.

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