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Unfiltered | November 4, 2016

So a few years ago I was having a bad summer. I had been told earlier not to bother coming back for my last semester of university, and was then working three part-time jobs (7 days a week, sometimes a double shift in the day).

I was working a late shift at one of my jobs when I was invited out by my family to go and see a late night movie with them. As I didn’t have work until later the next day, I agreed.

Afterwards, I went to reverse out of the parking lot but was so eager to get home I didn’t let my back window completely defog. Big mistake. I backed into a motorcycle that was parked behind me. Immediately I parked again and went out to assess the damage only to get yelled at by a group of nearby people saying how I better stay there as they had a picture of my license plate and seen what had happened. That they wouldn’t hesitate to call the cops.

My dad came over too as he had seen what happened and we waited there for over an hour waiting for the owner of the motorcycle to come out.

After over an hour my dad suggested that I talk to the employees of the movie theater, to see if it was one of theirs. It wasn’t any of theirs but I ended up talking to one of the clerks. He helped me calm down and chatted with me while I waited for the owner. Chatting a little about everything and nothing, he also told his own story about getting into his own accident.

Finally the last movie of the night let out and this clerk helped find the owner (he was the carrying the motorcycle helmet of course). Upon explaining what happened to this man and his daughter, showing them the damage, and apologizing, the man simply popped the cracked piece back into place and told me to go home and have a good night. That he didn’t want any of my insurance information, that his motorcycle was fine.

To these two fine people, thank you so much. You really helped me that night, and I much appreciate the kindness you showed me.

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