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Unfiltered | May 11, 2016

(In Australia there are different licences for each state. In New South Wales there is Learners (L) Provisional 1 (P1), Provisional 2 (P2) and Opens. I was on my Green P’s and had moved to South Australia who did not have p2’s at the time. You needed to have a Provisional Licence for 2 years before you could try for your Opens. There was no date of issue on my p2’s and it took a lot of communication on behalf of SA’s RTA to the NSW RTA to try and get my licence changed over. All the while trying to get my name changed on it as well because I was just married. After 9 Months I was able to get the communication I needed however I had only had my P2’s for 1 Year and 11 Months so I could choose to wait another month and get it transferred and hope I didn’t get pulled over by the Cops, or go back on the P1’s for 6 Months. I Chose to wait and got my Opens no problems. Jumping forward 6 Months after moving back to NSW I tried to get the licence transferred BACK to NSW and this is the Conversation I had with a very helpful Lady.)

RTA Lady: So you are wanting to transfer from SA to NSW with your Licence yes?

Me: Yes. *jokingly* hopefully it won’t be as hard as getting it to SA in the first Place!

RTA Lady:*Smiles but didn’t comment* so you have filled out all the paper work and your handing in your previous License. This should be easy!

*She starts typing away at her computer and a frown starts getting deeper and deeper on her face*

RTA Lady: Sorry did you say you had troubles transferring?

Me: Yes very much so. Why is something wrong?

RTA Lady: Yes. You surrendered your licence for 9 months… So you are not actually qualified to have your Opens…

Me: *Getting both angry and anxious* Um… Well I Didn’t… But the only think I can think of is when I was attempting to get it transferred in SA from NSW that process took 9 months… But I had it the whole time… I never gave it up… Here I still have it! * I hand her the license with a hole in it to show it’s not valid.* I keep it because It has my Maiden name on it… saves me carrying around a marriage certificate.

RTA Lady: I’m sorry… That process should take days… if not hours… Why did it take 9 months?

Me: *Shrugs and explains in detail what happened. She got quite angry*

RTA Lady: One moment Ma’am I will be right back.

*She walked away towards who I can only assume was the manager and had quite a heated discussion with him. They both came back and he asked me to explain myself again. I did. He looked annoyed as well. Then leaned over to her computer typed for a moment then smiled at me*

RTA Manager: There you go Ma’am. I deleted the entry. That never should have happened! Drive safe.

Me: *Not sure if I should Laugh, Cry or hug them.*

RTA Lady:* Smiling at me* so how would you like to pay?

Me: *Laughing*