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Unfiltered | May 10, 2016

Guest service assistance asks me to talk with a customer.

Guest – (Crying) I have never been treated so badly in my life. This staff service is very poor.

Me – I am so sorry mam. Please calm down and tell me what is the problem and how can I help you.

Guest – I travel 6 nights a year and stay in the hotels but your suite room is not like other hotels. It should have a sitting area separate by wall and different from bedroom.

Me – Mam sorry to hear that but we are following all standards the franchise has set for the suite rooms. Sorry we will not be able to change rooms as per your past experience.

Guest – The staff is very rude to me. I asked them when you charge incidentals and she is like – you won’t get charged incidentals unless something wrong. She is not answering me properly.

Me – I am sorry about that mam. We charge incidentals if someone smokes in the room, steals our stuff, damages room. Since you are a nice guest there is no need to worry about that.

Guest – Thank you. Can you tell me if you charge for watching tv in the room?

Me – watching TV is free mam.

Guest – If I have to order a pizza and want to make a local call, will you charge me? It is just a one call.

Me – local calls are free mam