12 Signs She’s Your Best Friend For Life

Friendly | February 15, 2016
1. You don’t have separate closets.

Your clothes are their clothes, and vice versa. You were probably with them when they bought the items anyway, and you have each others closet layout memorized.

2. You have her number memorized.

In the age of smartphones and speed-dial, this is a big thing. You don’t know the number to your mom, or work, and can barely remember your own number. But Bestie? You got that covered.

3. You can’t go more than a few hours without communicating with each other in some way.

Now that we have Facebook, instant messaging, and god-knows how many other social platforms, you are ALWAYS in touch, to the point that you don’t even need to speak in actual words anymore. Emoticons and GIFs are more than enough for you to get your points across.

4. They’re the first person to like everything.

Leading on from the social media angle, the second you post anything on Facebook or Instagram, it’s like some weird psychic connection informed Bestie a few seconds before you hit ‘upload’ that a status update was coming. Within a fraction of a second they have liked it – and they haven’t even read it yet. It doesn’t matter what it said, just that it came from you. Whatever you actually wrote, they know they’re going to like it.

5. They’re the first person to hate everything.

Same as the point before, but everything you hate, they hate. A certain celebrity is being totally obnoxious lately? “Oh, we hate her!” Boss at work being a total b*tch? Bestie makes it her personal mission in life to hate her too.

6. Personal boundaries.

Yeah, these don’t exist. You’ve shared everything with each other, seen each other naked, and know the manhood sizes of every guy you’ve both dated.

7. They are never afraid to be honest.

They love, so they know that love is strong enough to survive some harsh advice. From light stuff such a buying a dress that just does not work, to heavy stuff, like choosing who to date or where to work. They know you and know what is good for you, but they won’t make the decision for you either. They can warn you what they think is a mistake but they won’t stop you if youre determined. But they will always be there to help you out if they end up being right. Which leads us on to point #8…

8. They never say “I told you so.”

Nu-uh, never ever. This is saved for lesser friends.

9. You have a song.

And may God have mercy upon anyone caught within a five-meter radius of you both when it comes on the radio.

10. Selfie-Sacrifices are par for the course.

You look great in a selfie, but Bestie not so much? Then you delete and start over, and do it however many times it takes until you both look perfect.

11. They can order food for you without you being present.

Your super-specific Starbucks order? How you take your eggs. How you take your takeout and what you’re allergic to. They know it all.

12. You are absolutely awful to each other.

An outsider listening would be horrified, but the stream of passive-aggressive putdowns and witty comebacks is a testament to how strong your friendship really is, because you both know that when you say “F*ck You!” what you’re really saying is “I love you.” Like an R-rated “The Princess Bride.”

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