Part Time Crime

| Working | September 1, 2014

(I used to work part time as a customer service ambassador at an airport. As a part-time worker I didn’t have a work phone and didn’t receive all the staff mails but the important ones were supposed to be sent to my private email. For the past few weekends I’d started at 5.30am and this morning I arrived at 5.25am.)

Team Leader: “[My Name], why are you late?”

Me: “I’m not. I’m five minutes early.”

Team Leader: “As of this week we’re supposed to meet 10 minutes before we start and report to the supervisor.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I haven’t received any information about this.”

Team Leader: “Well, it was sent to all the employees to your work phones.”

Me: “I don’t have a work phone. I’m part time. And nothing was sent to my private email. So how was I to know?”

Team Leader: “I see, but why are you late?”

Me: “I didn’t know I was late!”

Team Leader: “Well, you should have known! I’m gonna have to write you up for this.”

(This kept happening over and over. Eventually I got tired of having to explain things I had no idea about so I quit.)

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