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Unfiltered | May 27, 2017

Customer started hammering the please help button while I was on my way home for the day, it was already 30 min past the time when I should have gone home.

It’s ok, as the Manager on duty I wanted to make sure every customer had good service that day.

I answer the page, he says to me; “I selected regular it swapped to super… I am not … Expletive.. paying for super.”

I explain to him that the choice of grades is selected by the customer, I have no control over what grade he selects.

“Expletive…Expletive…Expletive.. Not Expletive paying for super you Expletive Expletive dumb Expletive…”

Calmly I explain to him that I can come out and help with his gas grade selection…

He says, “You Expletive no Expletive you… and your Expletive gas station.  Expletive I’ll pay for my Expletive .60 cents of super and I am going someplace else… Expletive.”

Customer came in and I let a cashier handle the transaction while I watched to see if he would start mouthing off again.

After he left I went to check the pump and pumped $50 of regular into my tank….