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Unfiltered | January 22, 2017

(I tended to stay late at my previous job because I didn’t care how long it took me to get home. We close at 10:00. I was about to head to the back to get changed after cleaning up the last few things behind the tills when one of our cleaning people told me there were still people sitting upstairs in the restaurant section.)

Me: Hey guys, I’m sorry but you’re not allowed to be here after hours. We closed over an hour ago.

Girl #1: Oh, we were told we could stay here to finish our paper that’s due tomorrow.

Me: Ok. Who told you that you could stay after the store is closed?

Girl #1: I don’t know, someone in the Cafe.

Me: Well you’re still not allowed in here. I’m going to have to escort you out.

Girl #2: But how are we supposed to finish our paper? It’s due tomorrow!

Me: I’m sorry, I don’t know. You can sit outside and use our wifi but I can’t let you stay inside.

(They both give me exasperated looks.)

Girl #1: Alright, fine. But can you give us a few minutes to pack up?

Me: Sure. I’m just going to wait here.

(I stood right next to the door and waited while they slowly packed up their computer. When they were ready I opened the door and held it for them as they casually made their way through and outside.)

Me: Have a great night guys, good luck!

(I went to get dressed and texted my night supervisor what had happened. She gave me a profound thank you for saving her hide. If our managers had found out she hadn’t checked the store before leaving she would have been in big trouble.)