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Unfiltered | December 14, 2016

I work for a small cellular accessory company. We sell most popular brands of cases, and our most popular of which has been known to send out an entirely new case should yours become damaged.

I had been talking to this particular customer for the better part of 10 minutes about cases for her new phone, and had just made it to the Brand mentioned above.

Me: … And then we have *Brand*. They come in 6 different colors, and are one of the most popu…

Customer: “Oh! I had a couple of those for my last phone. Do you think they would send me out one for my new phone if I said it was damaged?”

Me: “Uhh… Well probably not, they are technically different cases…”

Customer: “No, they’re the same one! I’m going to go see if they’ll send me a new one. Thanks!”

The customer then promptly turned and left, leaving me with a counter full of open boxes, and a somewhat dumbfounded look on my face.