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[I work in customer service for a parcel delivery service, my day-to-day business is usually people calling in asking what happened to parcels they sent out, when they’ll be delivered etc. To track these, the customer has to state the delivery number and the date of when they gave us the parcel. This customer has a nasty habit of being not only clueless about proceedings and what can and cannot be done but also being quite rude, complaining regularly to my boss about my ‘incompetence’ when I can’t give him the answer he wants to know.)

Me: *rattles down introduction*

Customer: Yes, this is [Customer Name].
Me: *barely suppressing a groan* Hi there, how may I help you?

Customer: I need a proof-of-delivery receipt.

Me: Alright, when did you send the shipment out?

Customer: *rattles down a tracking number*

Me: Okay, but the date of take over?

Customer: No, I just want the POD.
Me: Yes, please tell me when it should have been delivered. *trying a different approach*

Customer:That’s what I want you to tell me!

Me: Sorry, I don’t know when you sent it out. I need you to give me the data.

Customer: How should I know?!

Me: You don’t know when this parcel left your warehouse?

Customer: No! You have to know that!!

Me: I’m sorry, I just ran this tracking number for the last month and I can’t find anything in my system.

Customer: That’s outrageous. You lost my parcel!

Me: I assure you we didn’t…

Customer: No! I’ll be in touch with your sales department, they’ll show you! I want some help! *slams down phone*

Me: Oookaay…

(Later, I was in cc in an eMail from our sales department stating that, indeed, we need the date to track his shipments and he should know that. Small blessings. He’ll have something else to complain about next week…)

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