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Unfiltered | April 6, 2016

I was working the counter of a small bakery that sold cupcakes. The bakery was new to the area and lots of people came in to try the treats. The cupcakes cost 2 dollars a piece.

Me: Welcome to (Bakery)! How can I help you?

Customer: What do the chocolate cupcakes taste like?

Me: oh, they are delicious, if you like chocolate, you will really love them.

Customer: But what do they taste like?

Me: um…they taste like chocolate

Customer: But are they too chocolatey?

Me: Well, I don’t really know, they are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing so…

Customer: But you know, are they TOO chocolatey, I really don’t like cupcakes that are overly chocolatey

Me: I would be happy to wrap one up for you and you can see for yourself.

Customer: oh, no thank you, I think 2 dollars for a cupcake is WAY too much money. (walks out the door)