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Unfiltered | January 8, 2016

(It’s wintertime and I’m cashiering close to the exit of our store. Right before the exit are plenty of bags of tube sand that we sell. Customers generally buy it for traction for when it snows. Usually, they say how much they want to buy, pay for it and then pick them up).

Me: Hi. What can I do for you?

Customer: Yes. I’d like to buy some sand (as he points to the ones near the door).

Me: Oh. The tube sand? Sure.

(Before I can ask anything else the gentleman starts walking toward to sand).

Customer: How much do they weigh?

Me: 60 lbs each bag.

Customer: Okay (as he heads back toward the register). Can I get someone to help me carry these out?

(I page a coworker for assistance).

Me: Alright. I’ve just paged someone. So they should be here soon to help you out. How many bags would you like? (I prepare to type the quantity into my register).

Customer: Umm…I’ll get a few.

Me: Okay. Define a few.

Customer: Uh. 7 or 8.

Me: …I need an exact number.

Customer: …8.

Me: Okay. You’re total for that is $33.28.


About 5 minutes later the same guy comes back to my line. When it’s his turn to check out, he looks at the the associate that helped him load the batch of tube sand earlier. My associate gestures 4 fingers to me and I ring the gentleman out once again but for 4 bags this time. I’m still wondering why couldn’t tell me the number himself.