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Unfiltered | January 22, 2016

I needed some upgrades for my PC, rather than go to the big chain store, I decide to try out our small independent computer shop. After no response from an email, I give them a call.

Me: Hi, I was looking for some advice.

Worker: Uh huh.

Me: I need to upgrade my graphics card, I have a small budget of £500. What do you recommend?

Worker: I don’t know, you will have to speak to the manager.

(Long pause)

Me: can you pass him over please?

Worker: He’s not here.

(long pause)

Me: okay, well when will he be in?

Worker: Err well after lunch I guess.

Me: Ok well I will try again later. Thanks.

(He hangs up without so much as a goodbye. I figure I would have much more luck with the manager so try again later.)

Me: can I speak to the manager please?

Manager: Speaking.

Me: (I explain what I am looking for and why)

Manager: Err well, I can think about that, can I get back to you.

Me: Err sure, my number is (number) and my email is (email address).

Manager: Ok i’ll let you know, bye, (Hangs up straight away).

(A few days pass, I call with no answer and email again, still no answer. A month passes before I really need to upgrade and reluctantly go back to the bug chain store. I never hear from the little shop, it’s a wonder they are still open.)