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Unfiltered | March 5, 2017

It is the early 90’s and I just started fourth grade at a new school. It is also a month before my birthday.

My parents have suggested that I invite everyone in my class over for a huge party (we didn’t find out that I would have had to invite everyone anyways until later) so I can get to know them better.

Come the day of the party, it was a disaster. I had the party at a movie theater. The kids in my new class teased me for choosing a “baby movie” (the theater wouldn’t let us see anything with a rating over PG at a kids party), my classmates wouldn’t let me use any of the arcade games (physically blocking them so I couldn’t play), one boy punched me and called me “fat ass” when I was given the biggest slice of cake, and I found out much later that somebody stole one of my presents.

My parents let me change schools immediately. My next school was much better but I never had another birthday party after that.