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Unfiltered | September 28, 2016

(My French immersion class is focusing on chocolate–its history, its production, and the role it plays in French and French-speaking cultures.The professor has taught this class for many years and has brought in part of the cacao tree for us to pass around and observe.)

Professor: I ordered this on eBay. Usually the cacoyers I order come from the Caribbean, but something must have happened to the trees there, because the only one I could find was being shipped all the way from Malaysia. It’s probably spent several weeks in that box. It’s very dry for a cacaoyer.

(Upon hearing this, the girl next to me, who is currently holding the cacaoyer, gets a terrified look on her face. Her mouth is closed.)

Me: What’s wrong?

Girl: (with a full mouth) I ate one of the beans.

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