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(I’ve recently got a game and fallen in love with the game’s male main character. I’ve been talking about him to my friend online, but she has yet to see a picture)

Me: “Back in a few, going up to set up the Xbox again.”

Friend: “Alright, I’ll be on tumblr.”

Friend: *a few minutes later, sends a screenshot of a picture of him on tumblr* “do you know this guy?

He’s from [game] it says. He’s ugly as sin.”

Me: *offended* “[Maaaain Character]!”

Friend: “What?”

Me: “:( that’s [main character] you meanie. How dare you compare him to Ed Sheeran of all people.”

Friend: “What?? I didn’t?”

Me: “Two weeks ago you said the same thing about Sheeran, sent me a pic and captioned it ‘this fella’s ugly as sin’.”

(Neither of us are a fan of Sheeran’s music or his looks)

Friend: “How the h*** do you remember that??”

Me: “I don’t know. I’m still offended by the way.”

Friend: “And [character] is still ugly as sin. He’s got beady little eyes and a weird face.”

Me: “Noooooo!”

(I love him because he’s imperfect and hilarious and I think he’s both cute and handsome, but she still disagrees with me. At least we can agree that Ed Sheeran is ugly. (Sorry!))

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