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I worked at Picadilly Cafeteria for a while. The restaurant would take in people from a halfway house not far away, giving them a job to help get them on their feet. One of the men that worked with us was Robert. He was African American, but had some of the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen.
Our busiest days were always Sunday, when church would let out, we would have a line of people all the way out the door with nice, elder, white folks. I was working on the line this day. (You pointed to the food you wanted, I got it for you, you slid down the line to the next worker).
The door to the kitchen was behind me. On this particular Sunday, my older sister and Robert were daring each other to do crazy stuff.

Me: good morning, ma’am, what kind of bread can I get for you?

Elderly lady: I think I would like a wheat roll.

The door behind me swings open and Robert steps out, throws his hands in the air and yells “KILL WHITEY!” Before turning and running back into the kitchen.

I can hear my sister and Robert laughing hysterically.

I turn back to the elderly lady and see she has gone pale white and shaking just slightly. I smile and say: you wanted a roll, was it, ma’am?

She just stared at me before taking her tray and moving to the checker without getting her bread. I slid under the line and broke down laughing.

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