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Unfiltered | March 16, 2017

(It’s Valentine’s Day, on a day of a week my friends and I go to a weekly event. One of my friends decides to bring little cups of various Valentine’s Day-themed candies. Both of us go to a fast food place I go to sometimes during the event, and I know one of the employees by name. We exchange some small talk before….)

Me: Well, my friend here brought everyone some candies. Like jelly beans, suckers, and other stuff!

Employee: Aww, and you didn’t bring one for me?

Me: *smiles* Oh! Then I can bring you one if you want!

Employee *dismissively* Nah, you don’t have to do that.

(We get our food and go, but I do decide to give one to her. After the event ends, I check with my friend, and we do have a couple extra. Smiling, I take one back to the fast food place. The employee is sweeping the entrance.)

Employee: *sees me with the goodies and gasps* You just made my night!

(She hugs me before I give it to her with a smile. As a retail worker myself, it feels good to give something back.)