12 Ways To Survive Working During The Holidays

Right | December 12, 2015
1. Drown out mind-numbing holiday songs by singing your own.

Quick tip: we’ve found Weird Al’s hilarious The Night Santa Went Crazy to be the perfect substitute for the highpitched-hell known as the Chipmunks Christmas song.


2. Get into the holiday spirit.

There’s something to be said for bringing tidings of comfort and joy. A simple smile can go a long way for a stressed-out customer. And like grandpa always said, if the holiday spirit fails, drink holiday spirits instead.


3. Let there be peace on earth, or at least on your shift.

Sometimes keeping calm is the best way to deal with an irate customer. And if that doesn’t work, it can be fun to keep score how many times they flip out while you keep calm.


4. Help your coworkers — new hires and veterans alike.

Tis the season to hire seasonal employees, so it’s important for everyone to pitch in. The holidays can be grueling, but camraderie borne out of a common struggle can last a lifetime.


5. Shoes, Socks, and Soles.

Necessary if your job requires walking or standing for long hours. Shoes – make sure they’re supportive and the right size. Socks – these need to be comfy, dry, and if you’re outside, warm. Also bring an extra pair to change. Soles – gel insoles or inserts can make a huge difference for any shoe.

6. You are not alone!

Coworkers, friends, and family can help you get through the holiday season. Looking for more? You can also hang out on our official Facebook page with thousands of employees and workers who understand what you’re going through.

7. Be prepared for the Christmas Eve rush.

Common sense dictates that all your gift shopping should be done by now and it’s plain sailing from now to the holidays. There’s just one problem; since when did customers have common sense?

8. “It’s such a shame that you have to work during the Holidays!”

You will get at least one customer that will say this to you on the day. It is an attempt at empathizing with your situation, despite them being oblivious to the fact that by shopping on the Holidays they are the very reason you’re working in the first place. Just take a breath, smile, and do NOT say the first thing that comes to mind!

9. Avoid social media!

If customers saying it’s a shame you’re working during the Holidays is bad, seeing your friends and family get to do it all over social media is worse. Turn it off, and don’t think about it until your shift is over! (The Not Always Right FB page is an exception, of course!)

10. Diets are for the New Year!

It’s NOT the season to eat a salad. Bring along some decadent snacks, or a delicious home-cooked special meal if you had the time. Comfort food is very well named for this reason!

11. Sometimes being at home can be overrated.

Of course we’d all love to be home with our families during the Holidays. Sometimes, however, it might be more bearable to remember that annoying bratty cousin that never leaves you alone, or that grumbling grandparents who always finds something to moan about. Grumpy customers are temporary, grumpy relatives are for life!

12. You’re making someone’s Holiday Wishes come true.

By taking one for the team, you’re letting other’s Holiday wishes come true, spending time with their loved ones and families. Know that you’re doing a good deed, and who knows, next time it might be your turn!