Night Of The Loving Dead

| | Right | October 2, 2009

(I’m a personal trainer and at the end of a set my client makes an announcement.)

Customer: “So, I think I’m a necrophiliac.”

Me: “Um, what?”

Customer: “I think I’m a necrophiliac.”

Me: “And why would you think that?”

Customer: “Because I’m always tired and I keep falling asleep at my desk.”

Me: “Narcoleptic.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “You think you’re narcoleptic.”

Customer: “Right. What did I say?”

Me: “Necrophiliac.”

Customer: “What does that mean?”

(I tell him.)

Customer: “Oh God, NO!”

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18 And Blunder

| | Right | October 2, 2009

Me: “Hello, this ***. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, I have your company name on my credit card bill with a charge of $29.99. I’ve never heard of you guys.”

Me: “Okay, sir…there’s a purchase of a monthly subscription to our adult website in here.”

Customer: “Adult website? What, as in porno?”

Me: “That’s correct, sir.”

Customer: “This is nonsense! I’ve never bought any porn!”

Me: “Sir, we do have the order in your info in here. If you are not satisfied with the content, however, we can give you a refund.”

Customer: “I never ordered any porn! This is an outrage! I’m a married man, a father and a family man!”

Me: “You said family man, sir?”

Customer: “Yes!”

Me: “How old is your son, sir?”

Customer: *long pause* “I’ll call you back.” *click*

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Temporal Retentive

| | Right | October 2, 2009

(I work at a restaurant as a hostess. I see a customer, her young daughter, and her mother on their way out so I bid them farewell.)

Me: “Have a nice night. Thanks for coming!” *smile*

(The customer gives me a long stare and then mimics me.)

Customer: *sarcastically* “Have a nice night…”

Customer’s mother: “Can I have your store’s phone number and your name? I would like to complain about your behavior!”

(I don’t know what this is about, but I still give them the phone number. Two hours later…)

Manager: “Hey, a lady just called and complained about you.”

Me: “Really? What did she say?”

Manager: “You told her to have a nice night.”

Me: “What’s wrong with that?”

Manager: “It was still light outside.”

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Laziness Has Its Advantages

| | Right | October 2, 2009

Me: “Hi, welcome to [hospital]. How can I help you?”

Visitor: “I’d like to file a complaint. Is there a paper or something I can fill out?”

Me: “Sure. There are feedback forms right–”

Visitor: “[Patient]’s room is too far away! I’ve had to walk around this place too much. Too much walking. I don’t want to do any more walking!”

Me: “Okay. There are forms right on that desk over there.” *I point to desk a few feet away*

Visitor: “No, no, no! Forget it! If they’re too far away I don’t wanna do it! I don’t wanna walk that far! Goodbye!” *walks out of the hospital*

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Golden Rule, Meet Golden Bulldozer

| | Right | October 2, 2009

(I work for the city and am repairing potholes in a residential neighborhood. Suddenly, a resident comes running out in his bathrobe.)

Resident: “Hey! What the h*** do you guys think you’re doing?!”

Me: “We’re fixing these potholes, sir.”

Resident: “You guys can’t be here! You did not clear this with the homeowner’s association!”

Me: “Sir, I’m with the city and we don’t have to clear these repairs with any association.”

Resident: “Like h*** you don’t!”

Me: “Please step back sir. I have to continue working and you are too close to the job site.”

(The resident runs back into his house and comes back out with a small bucket of yellow paint. Before we can stop him, he starts painting the dings and scratches on our bulldozer.)

Me: “What are you doing, sir?!”

Resident: “If you don’t have to clear repairs with us, then I guess I don’t have to clear repairs with the city!”

Me: “Sir, that color paint is not the same as the paint job on the equipment. Plus, you are now defacing this equipment. I will call the police if you don’t stop!”

Resident: “F*** off, you f***ing lemming!”

Me: “That’s it, I’m calling the police!”

(By the time the police show up, all his neighbors have come outside to watch the commotion. Things only go downhill from there, as he ends up getting charged with three counts: defacing public property, resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer.)

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