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Zip Up And Take My Money!

, , , , , , | Working | February 2, 2019

(My jacket’s zipper has started misbehaving; most days it refuses to zip up, and even when it does, it “splits” at the bottom. I’ve taken it to a sewing place at the mall.)

Employee: *takes the jacket, zips it up with some effort, hands it back to me* “It’s fine. It doesn’t need to be fixed.”

Me: “It’s not fine. I’m having more and more trouble with it. I’d like a replacement zipper, please.” *hands jacket to her*

Employee: “That would cost [amount].” *hands jacket back*

Me: “That’s okay.” *hands jacket to her*

Employee: “It’ll take a week.” *tries to hand jacket back*

Me: “I don’t care! I’ll pay what it costs, and I’ll wait as long as it takes! Just please fix it!”

Employee: “FINE.” *writes up the order in silence and takes my payment while glaring at me*

(I’ve never had so much trouble convincing someone to take my money before.)

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