Zero Tolerance, Zero Truth

, , | Right | February 19, 2018

(I am working a morning shift on tills in a cinema. Morning shifts usually start with one staff member on tills, and one staff member on the floor that helps with tills when they’re not busy. This shift, we have been put on opposite sides of the counter, tills 1 and 13. After a small queue, my colleague leaves her till to clean a screen. Just after she does this a customer walks up to her till and waits.)

Me: “Excuse me. Can I help?”

Customer: *rudely* “Can I get some service around here?!”

Me: *louder* “Hello, can I help?”

Customer: “Oh, I’ll walk over to you, shall I?!”

Me: “Well, this is my till. I can’t serve you down there.”

Customer: “I have been waiting in line for ages; there was a girl who just walked off when it was my turn!”

Me: “Sorry about that, but she had to go clean a screen and started leaving before you arrived at the tills.”

Customer: *now shouting* “Well, that is unacceptable!

Me: “I’m sorry about that, but it is not my fault. Please do not shout at me; we have a very strict zero-tolerance policy regarding harassment of staff, and I do not want to involve the manager.”

(We have no such policy.)

Customer: *mumbles* “Oh, sorry… I wasn’t shouting at you.”

(The customer proceeded to purchase film tickets while continuing to apologise, and left in a hurry.)

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