Zero Tolerance On Those Sizes

, , , , , | Right | September 30, 2020

A well-dressed, slim — but not particularly so — middle-aged female customer walks into our store and browses for a while. Then, she approaches me, speaking with a typical Australian accent.

Customer: “What’s the smallest size you stock?”

Me: “Our smallest label size is six, but some of the shirts fit more like a four.”

Customer: “You don’t have size zero? I wear a size zero.”

Me: “Do you mean US size zero? That’s equivalent to an Australian six.”

Customer: “No, I wear zero, not six! I always get size zero in New York.”

Me: “I understand, but that’s US size. Why not try on an Australian six and see that it’s the same?”

Customer: *Suddenly screaming* “I WEAR SIZE ZERO! WHY DON’T YOU HAVE SIZE ZERO? *Storms out*

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