Zero Out Of Ten On Grading

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This happens when I am in high school. It is the middle of the quarter and our Spanish teacher is discussing our grades.

Teacher: “I calculated your mid-quarter grades and I was very disappointed. You’re all doing very poorly.”

The teacher then proceeds to pass out copies of our grades, broken down by assignment, and I notice something odd.

Me: “It says I got a 9% on this assignment. How is that possible?”

Teacher: “Maybe you didn’t do it.”

Me: “But then wouldn’t I have gotten a zero? I mean, I’d have to try to get a 9% to do so poorly.”

Teacher: “See if you can find it and we’ll figure it out.”

While I look for the copy, another student speaks up.

Classmate #1: “[Teacher], it says I got a 10% on that assignment.”

Classmate #2: “Me, too.”

In the meantime, I find my copy of the assignment and figure out the issue.

Me: “I got a nine out of ten on this assignment. This shows it was graded out of a hundred, but it still says I got a nine.”

To her credit, the teacher fixed the error and all our grades improved significantly after that.

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